Saturday, July 28, 2007

We LOVE picture day!!!!!

We received new pictures yesterday! Woohoo!!! These were taken July 7th so Eli is almost 12 weeks old in these pics. We sent the outfit and hat he is wearing, as well as the rattle, in our care package. You can see all of these items in the pics I posted on our ziplock bag entry in June.

We can't stop staring at them! Sigh...isn't he perfect?!


Anonymous said...

Wow...he is such a little doll. Won't be long til your visit:0)

Nicole said...

So precious!! Are you packed yet? ;) That's what I'm working on this weekend.
Take care,

Jennifer & Craig said...

Such a handsome little guy!!
Jen (FTIA) :)

Home sweet home said...

Awww.... he so handsome -- CONGRATS !!

the gFamily said...

He is so handsome and yes, perfect!! It is fun that he was wearing and playing with the things you sent down! Enjoy staring at your pics!

Gretchen S.

Gretchen said...

He is perfect!!

Emily said...

What an adorable little one!!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your special "little pea". He really is a perfect little package. And, NOW, he has yet another fan in the world routing for him... and, of course, a loving family waiting to be his forever family!!
Your Secret Blog Pal :)