Friday, May 22, 2009

Rock Kisser

Pea LOVES being outside, which is where we spend most of our evenings since the weather has been warming up. He loves pushing his bubble lawn mower around the yard, smelling the flowers, picking up sticks, throwing rocks, digging in dirt, squashing ants, watching for the firetruck, etc, etc. Most of all...pea loves going on walks, which makes me very happy! I love walks, too.

Pea definitely has his favorite spots along the various routes we take and he often takes charge on which way we go. "dis way, dis way"

One of his favorite stops is this big rock along our neighbors yard. For some reason, every time we pass the rock he has to stop and give it a big kiss! I think he is simply our budding environmentalist. Perhaps "rock kisser" should be the new "tree hugger." ;0)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Friday, May 15, 2009

Year in Review

We marked a very important milestone this week. One that is significant for many adoptive families for a variety of reasons. We have been together as a family of three LONGER than pea was with his foster family. Obviously, pea's time with his very loving foster family is an essential part of his story and they will always be considered family. But, that time was only temporary. During that time, they provided so much love and care until he could come home where he belonged where we all belonged, together.

Our first year home was amazing, challenging, and, at times, overwhelming in many ways. I certainly still remember the stress and heartache of waiting for pea to come home, but it also feels like he has always been here. And, the memories of waiting definitely make me appreciate the life we have today. Life is good and I am one lucky momma.

Here are some pics from our first year home as a family. It is amazing how much pea has changed!

May 2008 - A couple days after arriving home.
June 2008 - Look at that little chub! He was definitely a "husky" boy when he came home! ;)

July 2008 - This is a terrible picture, but I love it! Pea hangin' off the monkey bars.

August 2008

September 2008

October 2008

November 2008

December 2008

January 2009 - Fashion icon...he still LOVES to wear his snowboots.

February 2009 - note the boots, again.

March 2009

April 2009

May 2009 - My handsome boy!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Embassy Day

One year ago on May 9th was our embassy day!! The final step in our adoption process, which turned out to be quite uneventful. My friend Lynn described it as waiting at the driver's license bureau! But, it was great! We were so happy to finally be there!

Here we are at 5:15am just before our ride arrived to take us to Guatemala City. We were clapping in an effort to get pea to look at the camera and smile. As you can see, he wasn't really impressed. Oh well!!
We went back to Antigua after our appointment and ate lunch at the Bagel Barn. After a much needed nap, we headed out to explore Las Capuchinas, an old convent. It is so beautiful and one of my favorite places in Antigua. Perfect for exploring, relaxing, or having a picnic on the lawn area. Oh, it also appeared to be a hot spot for young love. Lots of secret hiding spaces for making out. Though, they weren't so secret because we interrupted one or two couples! hehe

We were pretty hungry after exploring Capuchinas so we tried out a pizza place and it was delicious! But, I cannot remember the name of the restaurant! I do remember it was next to a coffee shop on a street right off of 1st Avenida Norte (I think!). Anyone know where I am talking about?

Pea and daddy after dinner. I am pretty sure we also treated ourselves to ice cream, too! It was such a perfect day.

Conked out after a long day. This used to be the only way we could get pea to sleep! Oh wow. That seems like so long ago! We did many laps around our apartment in Antigua and the little courtyard right outside our door.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Please pay attention to me

Pea and I ran to the store for about 30 minutes and came back to this. There was dog bed stuffing everywhere! Porter has not done anything like this for a LONG time and usually only when he is feeling anxious. Poor dog. I think he has been a little lonely lately. He just doesn't get as much attention anymore. This picture makes me feel really guilty! He looks so sad and OLD! When Pea saw the scene, he said "Porter mess!" He then grabbed a dish towel and tried to "clean up Porter mess." The dog bed cover was in the wash...guess we don't need that anymore!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Lake Atitlan

Not only did we have the opportunity to explore Antigua during our pick-up trip, but also Lake Atitlan. We spent a weekend in Panajachel and took a boat tour of some of the small villages surrounding the lake. This was my second trip to the lake (visited in college) and it was just as beautiful this time and even more special because I was able to share it with my family. The rainy season was just beginning so the lake was very hazy and it was rainy most of the time we were there. Luckily, the rain and haze lifted during our boat tour! We had such a grea time and the staff at our hotel were incredible!! They were so nice and they adored Eli! Not to mention the coffee at the hotel was THE BEST!! Oh, I am definitely ready to go back! Here are a few pics. Again...enjoy!