Friday, August 24, 2007

National News!!

Wow! Findlay made the national news and has been declared a disaster area. It is unbelievable. My sister and her family were finally able to get back to their house yesterday and we all expected the worst because their street was literally a lake. But, their house is DRY!!! It is a miracle. There are houses next to them that are completely flooded. We are all so relieved and grateful.

My brother and Chris ended up with about 4-5 feet of water in their basement. At one point they had 4 or 5 pumps going and it just wasn't enough to stop the water from rising. Fortunately, the water did not reach their main living area, but they still lost much. My brother works from home and his office was in the basement. They also lost their furnace, water heater, and many other personal items. Please keep them in your thoughts.

The devastion is just heartbreaking and so many people have lost everything they own.

Here are some additional pictures of the flooding in Findlay.

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