Thursday, September 20, 2007

Back on the Wagon

Well, we were very sad last night. We cried, drowned our sorrows in margaritas, and moped about the house a little bit. I have a feeling that their will be many margaritas in the coming months. :) *Jen - We predicted we would need lots of liquid courage!* But, we are back on the wagon! Granted, the wagon is not moving right now, but...we are hopeful that this birth certificate thing will be fixed quickly. This journey has been incredibly wonderful and amazing, but it is HARD!! We knew in our heads it would be hard, but no one could have prepared our hearts for this roller coaster ride. But, Eli is worth this wait and we are in this until the end. He will come home.

So, my "quote of the week" arrived in my inbox today and it was just what I needed right now.

You need only choose... then keep choosing as many times as necessary.

That is all you need do. And it is certainly something you can do.

Then as you continue to choose, everything is yours.

-Vernon Howard

Last night I needed to be sad and somehow figure out how to process the possibility that Eli may not come home until spring. It's so difficult knowing there is nothing we can do to fix this and bring Eli home. It is easy to feel helpless. But, I do have some choices. Today I am choosing to be hopeful and choosing to trust that the universe's timing is perfect. I may not understand why and it may not feel fair that we may have to wait longer for our son to come home, but I need to trust that there is a greater purpose for this timing.

As for tomorrow, I don't know what I will choose.....perhaps more margaritas!!


Anonymous said...

Good for you. Today I'm having a bad day....perhaps tomorrow I'll choose to enjoy this roller coaster ride. Hang in there...

Emily said...

Love your quote. And you are so right: this process is SO hard. Just know Eli WILL come home! :-)

Mandy said...

EVERYTHING happens for a reason. We're living proof. Hang in there!

Donna said...

((hugs)) guys - we've been there, done that We hit evey bump imagineable on our adoption journey. Our "babies" didn't come home until they were 13 months old - already walking, talking and had teeth.....however, it is SO worth it.
Good for you getting back in the game!
Hoping and praying this is you're only bump and that it is a mighty short one!!
And I'll raise a glass of wine to your margarita - "cheers"

Jess said...

Oh Steph, I said it elsewhere, but I am hurting for you. Totally hurting for you. After seeing how much you two love Eli in person in Guatemala, I cry at the very thought of this news for you.

I pray it is the last of the bad news. And I pray for some peace for you in this timing, whenever it may come.

You're right, Eli is worth it. You all are perfect for each other, placed together for a purpose.

You are in our prayers.

Jennifer & Craig said...

Good lord, I just went back to that thread on the yahoo group about the "liquid courage"...I had remembered saying it but I didn't remember it was to you!! What a prediction, huh?!? Hang in...we're all here to help you thru this.