Sunday, September 2, 2007

Go Tribe!!!

Jason and I went to the Cleveland Indians game last night and were so privileged to sit a few seats down from the famous Tribe "drummer!" For Tribe fans, he is a cultural icon! He has been coming to almost every home game for over 20 years and beats his drum to get the fans going. They even made a bobblehead in his honor! And, to top it all off, Kenny Lofton threw a ball from left field and nailed the drum. Now, the drummer sits in the highest row in the bleachers and was holding his drum up as a target for Kenny. Apparently, this is a little game between the two of them. Pretty cool!! It was an awesome game and we are ready for the WORLD SERIES!!! Okay, I know that is a little premature, but a girl can dream, right??!!

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