Saturday, October 6, 2007

We're making a difference!!

We are getting numerous reports from congress people and others that all the campaigns are being noticed. So keep up the good work! -Kevin from Guatadopt
Thank you to everyone who has sent letters, e-mails, faxes, and made phone calls. IT IS WORKING! The "powers that be," including our agency feel very confident that a grandfather clause will be added as an amendment to the new adoption bill. This is wonderful news for in-process families, like us. The Guatemalan congress is scheduled to review the law and all amendments on Tuesday, but the final vote will not be held until after the presidential election in November. So, nothing is final yet, but it looks promising. The US Department of State and the Hague Permanent Bureau have made official announcements that they are supporting a grandfather clause. UNICEF, unfortunately, has not made this commitment. Please continue to make some noise, especially to UNICEF. It is simply SHAMEFUL that an organization claiming to be an advocate for children is not taking a stand for what is right.

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Auntie G said...

That is good news. It is something I am counting on.