Thursday, November 8, 2007

Look at these cuties!!

This is Eli and his foster sister, Baby F. They are 10 days apart and have been sharing a crib for the past six months. They are practically twins! We met Baby F's parents and her 2 big brothers through our agency and we spent our visit trip together in August. Baby F's family was with us when we met Our Little Pea for the first time, we all ate dinner together with our foster mom and her family, and we spent several afternoons loving on our babies by the pool. Pure joy! They are a beautiful family and it has been a blessing getting to know them while we go through this process together. They live around Cincinnati so Eli and Baby F will have plenty of opportunities to reconnect when they come home.

And.......we just found out that Baby F IS COMING HOME!!!!!!! Her case was approved by PGN last Friday!!!! We are so happy!! Congratulations!!! We look forward to many more photo ops like these in the future. Much love to your family as you embark on the next chapter of this amazing journey.


Bobbi said...

WOW, they will have to stay connected. How wonderful that you got to meet them and spend time with them. They will miss each other when they are separated.

So, maybe this means you will be bringing your bundle home soon...

Emily said...

How wonderful that they will always have a connection and live so close! So happy Baby F, will be home soon! Now, time to get Baby Eli home- it's coming soon! :-)