Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Season for giving

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!! We have so much to be thankful for this year. We spent our Thanksgiving with the Shank side of the family in Pennsylvania. Jason's mom is a fabulous cook so we are always spoiled with incredible food and we leave with our bellies stuffed!! I love it!! Unfortunately, I topped off the Thanksgiving weekend with the stomach flu. This seems to be a trend in our household. Jason was sick last year at Thanksgiving and I was sick the year before that. We seem to be alternating years. So, guess who's turn it is next year????? The worst part of it all...I had to cancel our baby shower coordinated by my coworkers (and awesome friends!!). :( Oh well, it has been rescheduled and I am going this time whether I am throwing up or not!! Hee hee!!

Since this is the season for giving, I would like to suggest an incredible gift idea sponsered by a nonprofit called Mayan Families (check out their website). They are doing wonderful things for the people of Guatemala. One of their annual projects includes sponsoring Guatemalan families with a Christmas Tamale Basket. This enables many families, who otherwise could not afford it, the opportunity to celebrate a traditional Christmas. When I think back to all of my wonderful memories of Christmas and my family's special traditions, I realize how much these traditions have not only brought my family closer together but also define who we are. Tradition is often the foundation of a strong family and a strong culture. Imagine your life without them. As insignficant as a Tamale basket may seem, it may mean the world to a family in Guatemala who otherwise has nothing. It may help bring them together for one evening as a family, light up the eyes of a child, and alleviate the stress of everyday life, if even for a moment. That means the world. What a great thing!! Check it out!!

Christmas Tamale Baskets


Bobbi said...

We are doing the baskets too. I really need to get onto it.

UGH! Your Thanksgiving tradition doesn't sound like one I would care to pick up! Hope you are feelig better.

Emily said...

What a great way to give during the holiday! I like this idea. :-) Hope you feel better...