Saturday, December 22, 2007

Back in!!

We are back in PGN as of yesterday! Our attorney FINALLY picked up our file yesterday and also resubmitted us yesterday. We were KO'd for the birth mother's birth certificate again. For the first previo, our attorney had to get a new witness to sign the birth certificate and the witness signed with a fingerprint, which is very common in Guatemala due to the high illiteracy rate. Well, for the 2nd previo, PGN wanted to know why the witness signed with a fingrprint. Hmmmm...... Good grief! How frustrating! But, at least we were resubmitted very quickly!! Now, let's hope and pray for a miracle that we get a speedy approval.

We received Eli's updated measurements yesterday and he is up to 19lbs. I really should have kept up with my exercise routine!

Eeeeeeeeeck!!!! We are sooooo excited to be spending Eli's first Christmas together as a family AND in Guatemala. YAY!!!! I can't wait to get my hands on our little pea!!


Suzanne and Jayme said...

Congratulations. We were KO on Dec. 14th as well. I haven't gotten word as to why or whether or not we are back in.

Here's to praying for no KO's and a quick trip through PGN. Congrats again


Nicole said...

So glad you guys are back in before you left for your trip. Have a wonderful trip - what better way to spend Christmas! :) Can't wait to see new pics!

Sally said...

We're so glad to hear you guys are back in. Have a very safe and happy trip, and we can't wait to see all the photos!!!! Merry Christmas little FAMILY!

Christina said...

Glad to hear your back in. Have an awesome trip with Eli. Merry Christmas guys.

Gretchen said...

Oh good grief PGN...let Eli out! I'm praying that this will be a short stay in PGN! Have a great time kissing Eli!

Bobbi said...

Are you serious? Boy, you got "the" case that gets picked apart! UGH!

Only two more days. Start pumping iron!!!

Will be thinking of you. Safe travels.

Guatemama said...

Glad to hear that you are back in! Have a safe trip and a wonderful Christmas with Eli! I can't wait to see the pictures!
Tracy Jens Alex and Anika

Beth said...

It is often true that the greatest gifts can not be wrapped in a package.

Congrats on the great news, Merry Christmas and HAPPY, HAPPY travels!

Kiss that sweet boy for me!!!!
Merry Christmas!

Sandy said...

So glad you are back in. Have an awesome time lovin' on Eli and a very Merry Christmas celebrating as a family of 3!!!

Beth said...

It is 2:19 PM Christmas Day and I am just picturing you holding your sweet pea right now! Enoy your Christmas bundle!!!
Much love, B.

Emily said...

What a great Christmas gift- Eli in your arms and confirmation that you are back in PGN! I'm wishing you a wonderful trip and a HAPPY NEW YEAR!! :-)


Jess said...

YEA!! You are in Guatemala!!!!!

Hug that little boy for us!!