Friday, January 25, 2008

Fav Fotos Friday

Look at that sweet face!! Ohhhh...does that make me feel better!! I have so many thoughts brewing in my head right now, but I don't know where to start. So, for now I just want to say
THANK YOU. I am overwhelmed by all of the incredible support we have received in the last 24 hours...tons of e-mails, posts, phone calls...I am literally in tears. The wagons circled today and, wow, what an amazing feeling.


Emily said...

Your best fav foto yet! I love these pics.... Eli is so handsome. :-)


Bobbi said...

How could looking at his sweet face not pick someone up? Love the hat!!

Gail said...

Adorable boy!! Keep the faith! He will be home in your arms forever soon.

Derek and Jennifer said...

Oh so adorable! He is absolutely gorgeous! Hope it is a fabulous Friday.

Guatemama said...

OH!!! Eli is so so cute. I love the hat too. great pictures.
I am thinking about you all the time. Let us know when you get more info on his BM's BC and what they are going to do. Sending good thoughts and a hug.

The gFamily said...

What a sweet and handsome boy!! His precious face always makes me smile!

Thinking about you!!

Kimberly said...

I think you're right...Eli and Aeson do have the same onesie on! I've been thinking about you so much. I am praying that CA is set up soon and you will be back in in no time. Sending lots of positive energy your way!

Anonymous said...

Hey guys, I check your blog abt. once every week or makes me very happy to see your beautiful little boy. You 2 are very courageous to be chronicling this very emotional journey. I know this latest delay is extremely heartbreaking - it made me cry. I'll be sending positive thoughts and prayers from the mountains. Keep your faith close to many people obviously love you, and you love Eli. The photos of the 3 of you together and each of you w/him are so
sweet, you are an adorable little family. Believebelievebelieve. Lotso Love, Kim

Becca said...

What an adorable little man. And that yucky feeling you had? Mothers intuition - you and Eli will be together soon. I'm praying for you!

Peace and Hugs,

Beth said...

How could he get any cuter? I am so smitten with that smirk!