Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Update and random stuff

We received word from our coordinator that our attorney submitted our case yesterday to the "Central Authority" for registration. The CA stated it will take them 8 days to review files and issue the official registration certificate. Well, some families have been in 8 days today and, surprise surprise, the CA is behind! Hopefully, they will work some overtime and we will get our certificate by the end of next week. We must have this in order to be resubmitted to PGN.

Random stuff......

Last week we decided to have a previo pity party. I baked a Tres Leches Cake and we smothered our sorrows in rich deliciousness. Nothing like a few thousand grams of fat to ease a heartache. Hee hee!!
This cake was about 4-5" thick in the center!!! I think I need to either half the recipe next time or use a bigger cake pan.
I also indulged in some retail therapy and purchased another Guatemalan cookbook: False Tongues and Sunday Bread. You gotta love that name!! I can't wait to read all about it. It should be here anyday now.....

We received Eli's updated measurements last Friday. He is up to 21.8lbs and 27.6" long. He is definitely growing....rounder! Just look at that belly!! Awwww...our chunky little pea!


Derek and Jennifer said...

The cake looks so yummy! Glad to see you getting something good out of awful news!

I think maybe we are meant to be in Guatemala together. Hopefully we both get our CA registrations soon and get back into PGN for some super speedy approvals and pinks! Positive thinking is my new way of life!!!

Jess said...

The fact that the CA is already backed up gave me a chuckle. A bad, in your throat chuckle.

What Guatemalan recipes would you recommend me making? I am going to try some of them out. Do you recommend that cake recipe? I thought it'd be good for the boys' birthdays. Guatemalan birthday/Guatemalan cake


Bobbi said...

Such a man with the belly!!

can you send some of that cake my way?? Yummy!!

Emily said...

I'm jealous of how productive you are in the kitchen- that cake looks SOOO delicious!!


The gFamily said...

That cake looks delicious! Can you move in next door to me?!!

Praying for you EVERY DAY!!

Donna said...

You've been tagged! Visit my blog for more fun info! he heh he!

Sally said...

Please come visit us and bring that cake with you!!

You three are always in our thoughts and we can't wait for the day we see the "We're Approved!!!" post on your blog.

redhawks said...

INK. Can you believe it?!?!? Hopefully we'll see some certificates issued today.

Cake looks yummy...and I love the round little belly. :)

We'll get thru this SOMEHOW!!!
Jen :]

Victoria and Joe said...

Cake looks awesome...and Eli is just the cutest ever.. Your sister left a message on my blog today.. How sweet.. Tell her thanks... see you soon