Saturday, April 5, 2008

Little surprises

As if the 481 pictures we took on our visit trip were not enough, we received updated pics from our agency on Friday! Woohoo!!! These pics were taken AFTER our visit noted by the new hairdo. Seriously, can little pea get any cuter??????

And, I know many of you are updates on our case. We are still in PGN and hoping, hoping, hoping for some good news soon. We have officially entered our SEVENTH month in PGN. That is just wrong. Enough is enough. This cutie needs to come home.


Bobbi said...

Oh, how cute!! Reese agrees, he came into the office and saw the pics and blew him kisses.

Seven months in PGN is wrong. Let's hope for good news this week. I will be optimiistic!!

Guatemama said...

Oh my goodness Eli keeps getting cuter! I am not sure how that is possible. :) Great pictures.

7 months in PGN is totally wrong. Hope this is your week.

Greta Jo said...

You are right...what a cute little pea. I love his shoes.

Kim said...

Eli is such a little cutie! Picture day is always wonderful regardless of how many previous pictures you have. You will get OUT of PGN soon! Both of us will!

Auntie G said...

Eli is very handsome. Hope you get the OUT tomorrow!!

Jess said...

Those are some seriously cute pictures!!!!

Beth said...

Adorable... adorable, adorable!

Come HOME, Eli!!