Sunday, May 4, 2008

Forget toys!!

Eli is very resourceful and can find his own entertainment! We could have saved a lot of room in our suitcases by leaving all of the toys at home!

Just put those utensils anywhere, Eli!
What better toy than a water bottle?
Forget the all the toys IN the suitcase!! Climbing in and out of the suitcase is much more fun!
Good thing Jason installed all the latches on our cupboards at home!!
His newest trick today...climbing on the coffee table. YIKES!!
Eli discovered how fun it is to open and close doors! He had a lot of fun playing this game in Panajachel!
So, what do you think we spend most of our time doing? What word do you think Eli hears the most? Hee hee!! I wonder what fun "toys" he will find at home!


Bobbi said...

I forgot you were at the lake!!!!! I have been stalking!!!

Look at Mr. Adventurous. HUH!! My guess is YES, ELI, you can do anything you want because we waited so long for you!! :>)

Looks like life will never be boring again. Geez, maybe we should send the toy back and get him a cardboard box:>)

Thinking of you!!

Beth said...

Life will never be the same! Isn't that the greatest prayer answered!??! Great pics.

Eli, you look like you are just liveing the good life! What did you think of the lake? I am so glad to see you loving the new adventures of life with Mama and Daddy! You look so happy!

Donna said...

Yes!! We have another climber!! First it's coffee tables then it's the kitchen counter top. Get ready for some wild adventures, Mama!!

Steph - he is so cute and I know you guys are having a blast chasing him around everywhere!!

Jess said...

I hope you left a tupperware cabinet open at home! One of the best mommy tips I discovered is to leave the tupperware down low and open it whenever you are trying to get something done in the kitchen. That way he is busy with all the containers and things (including the cabinet itself) while you cook.

I hope you are having a blast at the lake!! Can't wait to see pictures of our favorite place in the world!!!!

Gretchen said...

I love seeing you guys together, finally! How funny is this? Jayden is the same way. I have made that very comment. Jayden's favorite toy when we were in Guate was an empty pepsi bottle! It looks like your hands are going to be very full. Nothing like entering Mommyhood running! Enjoy your time in Antigua!

Derek & Jennifer said...

I am so laughing over here!!! Your post reminds me of our time in Guatemala too! Who needs toys??? Doors - oh yeah! We discovered that putting a shoe in the door so that it never fully closes works wonders. Brandon loves the motion of the door most of all.

Looks like you all are having a blast! And as everyone has said your life will never be the same again - IT'S SO MUCH BETTER!!!!!!!!

Shelly said...

Bring it on-I am ready for the challenge of Eli coming to Aunt Shelly & Uncle Todd's house!! I'm sure his cousins could show him a trick or two, also!!! You will never realize you could say the word, "no" so many times in one day, one hour, sometimes in one minute!!!!! Hee Hee

Auntie G said...

Better get those running shoes greased. Aren't kids fun?!!!

Kim said...

Gotta love that they love the simple things in life the most. Katelyn was mesmerized by a cardboard formula box and a sheet of paper on my visit trip. Who knew?

Becca said...

These pictures warm my heart. I think back to your posts - the ones where you were so strong and so sad, at the same time. You've found the light at the end of the tunnel!

Peace and Hugs,

Courtney said...

glad all is going well. love the pictures. Courtney

Heidi said...

HAHA! I am so with you on this one. Toys are pointless, I have learned. But I keep buying them!

Dena said...

What fun - annie always wants the box not the toy! Just a few more days and you'll be home! How exciting!