Monday, June 30, 2008

This is how we roll

What else could a boy need? A cool ride, yummy snacks, and a refreshing for a prince!

Ready to roll...
Eli points at EVERYTHING!!! If only we knew what was going through that brain! He is very good at pointing to what he wants, but he also points at every other random thing! He is also very good a shaking his head "NO" very emphatically when he doesn't want something!

Eli had his 2nd appointment at the International Adoption Clinic last week. He had a hearing test, more labwork, and met with the developmental psychologist. Eli passed his hearing test with flying colors and no news is good news from the lab. So, at least we know he didn't bring home any parasites! Now we just have to wait for the results of his bloodwork to see if any of his vaccines need to be redone. It was great to meet with the psychologist, if only to confirm what we already know: Eli is transitioning very well. We will have a follow-up visit in 6 months. It is so wonderful to have this resource so close to home.

Eli has also transitioned to his crib wonderfully! We couldn't believe it! He still wakes up during the night, not every night. And, he usually falls asleep very quickly after waking up. He also started eating with silverware this week! It only took one meal for him to figure out how to use a fork and he loves it! We are still working on the spoon, but he is getting it. When we first started showing him how to use the fork, we would clap and hoop and holler whenever he successfully used his fork. Now, he has to clap after every bite! It is very cute, but makes mealtime a little longer!!

Unfortunately, we had to do another lice treatment on Friday. But, hopefully we got them all this time.


Guatmama said...

So glad he continues to transition well!
Sam still likes his fork better!

Anonymous said...

Glad Eli has gotten a clean bill of health and that he continues to adjust well. Hoping the rest of your summer is not as eventful as the first half!

Heidi said...

So awesome that he is doing so great! He does look ready to roll.

Bobbi said...

He is really amazing!! Glad he is doing so well.

Sounds like the crib is working great for everyone. Sleep is such a blessing as parents.

Let's hope you have seen the end of those awful little creatures!!!

he gets cuter every day.

Kim said...

Glad to hear Eli is transitioning well! He looks so cute sitting in his "cool ride."

Donna said...

Hi! I've been checking in,just unable to comment. Lovin' Eli's new do (hair-do)!

Looks like things have been going well and I'm just lovin' how awesome a Mommy and Daddy you guys are. I sure hope we can meet one day!!

Keep on, keepin on!