Thursday, June 12, 2008

Tornados, flu, and vegetables...OH MY!!

What another crazy week! We have had 3 tornado warnings (meaning a tornado has been spotted) in the last 10 days. Good grief! Our last tornado warning was in 2001. And, one of the sirens is right beside our house so it is LOUD!! So, we have spent some quality family time hangin' in the basement!

Jason, Eli, and Porterdog playin' it safe in the basement!

Future body builder???

In addition to tornados, I caught some icky, icky flu that lasted for several days. I am just now starting to feel somewhat normal again. Blech!! There's nothing like getting sick to remind us of how different our life is now! Now, let's just hope Jason and little pea are spared the ickiness.

In the meantime, Jason and Eli worked on the vegetable garden this week!!
Helping daddy plant the seeds!
Oh yea...DIRT!!!!
Guess where that clump of dirt in little pea's hand ended up?! Yep, a little appetizer before dinner.
Watching Porterdog. Eli loves to watch Porter run around the yard. He just laughs and laughs!
Playing with sticks. No eating this time!


Nicole said...

Hope your feeling 100% soon!

I love the pics of Eli in the garden! Isn't it sometimes the every day things that you love the most with your little guy home!

Bobbi said...

Oh Steph, I hope you feel better soon. It is tough to be a Mom and be sick. Let alone a toddler who just came home! UGH!!!

Tornado warnings??? EEEWWWWWW

You need a break!! Let's hope things settle down. Get some rest. That is probably why you got so sick.

The gFamily said...

Hope you are better and feeling normal again! It is so hard be sick when you are a momma!!

It is so fun to see Eli planting seeds and playing with sticks and dirt! Ahh, the simple life!

Anonymous said...

Wow Steph, you're getting a crash course in motherhood. Didn't you get the memo that mom's don't get sick days:) Hope you're feeling better. The pictures are adorable, what fun!

K Leclercq said...

Hey Steph, Sorry to hear you haven't been feeling that great. I've had a couple of days with Aeson when I wasn't feeling's TOUGH!

Great pics! Can't wait for our first play date at HOME!!!

Donna said...

Sick is NO fun as a Momma!! Hope you continue to feel much better and hope Eli and Daddy are spared.

How long to you have to "play it safe" in the basement when you hear the alarm? I guess it depends, huh? I think I would be freakin'!!

Eli is so darn cute - he's "grown" some already, changed a little since being home.

I agree with everyone else, the "everydayness" of life are the best moments, all those moments you waited so long to have.

Beth said...

Also so sorry to hear you haven't been feeling well. Feeling under the weather and being Mama is a tricky balance... hope you bounce back soon!

I loved the pics... except the fact that you had to hide out from a potential tornado. Geesh! Haven't you had enough drama (weather and other!) this year!

Eli looks, as always, happy as a "pea"!

Anonymous said...

Ugh! Hope you are better soon! Cute pics of Eli in the garden!

Derek & Jennifer said...

Sorry for the sickness that's been plaguing you - it's not fun ever but even worse as a mom. Hope your fully recovered soon with no more illness for your family for a long time.

Love to see you all at home and enjoying the simple things in life. Yeah!!!

Kim said...

Glad you are feeling a bit better! Looks like you have a future gardner on your hands. Kevin insisted that we put the veggie garden in this year. I wasn't so convinced, but he said Kate's gotta be able to pick a tomato in August!

Heidi said...

I'm glad you are getting over the flu! And how scary with all the tornado warnings. Tornados freak me out big time, that's why I live in AZ! Well, that's not really the reason but still! I just can't get over how cute Eli is.

Bobbi said...

Happy Father's Day, Jason. Hope it was a good one!!

Jason and Sabrina said...

Wow! Triple the trouble!

Thanks for sharing these special moments with all of us in Bloggerland!