Saturday, October 11, 2008

Growing Up

To my sweet son,

Today you are 18 months old! Wow! Why does this day feel signficant? I don't know, but it does. It is just amazing how much you have grown and changed since we have been together forever as a family (almost 6 months already!!). You fill our hearts with so much joy and make us laugh everyday. We love you so much!

Here you are on the day you were placed in our arms forever: April 27, 2008

Here you are now! Look how much you have changed already!

Here is what you have been up to at 18 months:

1. You LOVE firetrucks!! We live right beside the fire station, so you love to look out the window to see the firetruck. In fact, you do this ALL day! One of the fire fighters even walked over one day and invited you to the station to look at the fire truck!

2. You LOVE to dance! You will dance to almost anything, but your favorite song is "Te Quiero."

3. One of your favorite things to do outside (after looking for the fire truck!) is to go to the garden and pick vegetables. Mommy & daddy taught you how to pick the tomatoes and peppers.

4. You are quite a talker! You know well over 30 words and several signs. Dinner time is your favorite time to talk and you always have wonderful and amazing stories to tell.

5. You and Porter are great buddies. You love to give him hugs and kisses and play fetch with him. You can't say "Porter", yet, so you call him "boo."

6. You LOVE, LOVE, LOVE books! One of your favorite books is "Wheels on the Bus." We often sing this song over and over again!

7. You love trucks and school buses and point them out whenever we see them.

8. You can point out a bear, snake, duck, frog, turtle, dog, cat, horse, zebra, tiger, lion, penguin, sheep, bee, bird, monkey, cow, pig, fish, and more. You love looking at animals.

9. For some reason, whenever you pick up a washcloth, dish towel, or a wet wipe you put it up to your mouth and cough.

10. You love buttons, zippers, switches, and clasps and you know how to work them all!

11. You can identify almost all of your body parts.

12. You are so affectionate and love to give lots of hugs and kisses. You give the best hugs and kisses!

13. You are definitely not a picky eater! You will eat almost anything, including lemon and lime slices!

14. You like to scream! You scream when you are happy and excited and when you are mad and frustrated.

15. Big Bear and Little Bear (thanks Beth!!) are your favorite stuffed animals right now. They sleep with you every night and you love to give your bears hugs and kisses.

16. You love shoes, but you don't really like to wear them. You always end up kicking off your shoes in the car or in the store. It's amazing we haven't lost one, yet! Though, you love wearing mommy and daddy's shoes around the house.

17. You are so smart! We usually only have to show you something once and you remember.

18. Daddy can always make you laugh! And, that laugh...oh, that laugh just melts my heart every time!


Susie said...

Happy 18 months sweet Eli! I followed your mommy and daddy's journey to you almost from the beginning. Always know how much they love you! I'm so glad you're home, but it's sad that you're growing up so fast. Slow down a little, will ya?

Kim said...

He is starting to look like a little man! Happy 18 months Eli!

Beth said...

A year and a half... it really does seem so significant... and brings me back to all those months before Eli was home just wondering what life would be like for you with him here... clearly BLESSED. This was a fun post to "pop" in on... love knowing how the little man is doing. You are so clever, Eli! And handsome, and sweet, and fun... you just rock, buddy! Tell your Mama it's time for us to plan that visit!!!

Greta Jo said...

Happy 18 months Eli! You sure are a smart little guy.

K Leclercq said...

Happy 18 months, Eli! I can't believe how fast time flies. You are up to some pretty cool stuff, Eli and you are SO smart!!!

Bobbi said...

Happy 18 months, Eli. Has it been almost six months already?? Oh, I remember those days before you came home.....

This was a great list, Steph. How fun it was to get to "know" Eli, and your joy just showed through this.

I am so with Beth on planning that trip. We need to get on it. Reese and Eli would be in heaven. Firetrucks, buses, they are his life--oh, and we can't forget the freakin moon!!

Danny and Brittney said...

Eli you are growing like a weed. Happy 18 months. Be good for mommy when she returns to work, ( she really doesn't want to go).