Thursday, October 30, 2008


First time trick-or-treating! Of course, I was waaaay more excited about it than little pea! Actually, he did great and was oh so cute in his chicken costume! He loved running up to the front door and actually tried to sneak inside a couple of houses! He also enjoyed chewing on the candy, wrapper and all. We went with my sister, brother-in-law, and two nephews. We really tried to get some good pics, but it is nearly impossible with this boy. He just will not stand still for a second!

Little chicken! We were thinking of sending pic to Pollo Campero for a possible logo shot?!?! What d'ya think?

In the wagon with cousin J. I am not sure what pea is doing. Probably just moving around, but it looks like he is in agony, doesn't it?
First house! He ran right up to the house.
Walking with daddy to another house. More candy!!
It has been a crazy, busy week and we are still adjusting to our new schedule since I am back to work. But, overall, we are doing great. I will post a better update later!


Nicole said...

How cute!! Happy Halloween!

Guatmama said...

Oh, tooooooo cute! Batman and the chicken. You aren't going to believe that Sam was this chicken last year! How funny

Bobbi said...

Love it!! How cute. I have missed you,and have been thinking about you.

Did you go early??

Eli makes a perfect chicken.

The gFamily said...

Happy Halloween Eli! He looks absolutely adorable in the chicken costume!

We are only moving a mile away from where we live now for a little more space.

Kim said...

What a cute little chicken! Looks like he loved his first Halloween!

Heidi said...

The cutest little chicken ever! We were just at Pollo Campero in Guat! Mmm, so good. He'd be a perfect mascot.

Beth said...

Perfect! Now, if we can teach him to deliver hot wings on a scooter, he is a definite contender for the cutest Pollo Compero mascot!

So sweet!

Wasn't it fun to have them home this year!?!?! :)