Tuesday, January 20, 2009

An Historic Day

What an amazing day. I am really having a difficult time wrapping my heart and brain around the HUGE significance of this day. It is much bigger than I think any of us can imagine at this moment. I feel so hopeful and inspired that perhaps, just perhaps change is possible. Just the fact we elected our first African American president is proof that change is possible. As President Obama (doesn't that sound awesome????) has said over and over, change will not happen overnight, but...it will happen. It has already happened...the face of power has changed in this country.

I am not only hopeful and excited about how these changes may affect our nation and our world, but also about the significance of this day for my family and for my son. We do not take the fact lightly that we are a multiracial family. That we have a huge responsibility to deal with racism not just as members of this society, but as parents raising our son in a culture that does not value the color of his skin or his heritage. How do we raise our son to be strong, resilient, proud, and confident in the face of racism? I don't know, yet. But, what I do know is that the arguably most powerful man in the world is paving a path. Paving a path of breaking down power structures, challenging stereotypes, and redefining the opportunities available for people of color, for my son. Obviously, there is a lot of work to be done, but this is a beginning and, for that, I am so hopeful, so grateful, and so proud of our country for taking a stand for change.

And, never before have I been soooooo relieved to say goodbye to someone...GOOD RIDDANCE, George W. Bush. It is a new day.


Arena Mom said...

YES! I love that last picture! I agree with you on the piece about racing him and dealing with racism. That ways on my mind almost daily.

Bobbi said...

I needed tissues after all the tears of happiness that I cried watching that helicopter fly away!!

You are right. We families living in a multiracial home are faced with new challenges each day. I agree with you that the first step was taken yesterday.

I can't get enough of the coverage--and I never watch that stuff!

Kim said...

A new day indeed! YAY!

Sig said...

Ha, I LOVE the pics you posted. I was so glad to see Bush go, I was waving right along with our new President!! :)

Anonymous said...

I also share your sentiments of hope. As I watched the swearing in of our new president, I cried tears of joy...tears of unbelievable joy to witness such an historic event. My children looked at me, too young to truly understand the significance of that day. I am proud to be a part of history---to have cast my vote for a man who will bring change to our country in so many many ways.