Monday, June 15, 2009

Pool Time

Yesterday was a great day for a little pool party. Jason set the pool up for pea and they decided to go swimming together after naptime. Pea lasted probably about 10-15 minutes before deciding he was too cold, which is actually pretty surprising. So, it was a lot of work for a very short lived pool party! Well, after dinner we were out playing in the yard when pea decided it was time to get the party started. He started out playing with the hose, then dipped his arms in the water, and before I knew it he was climbing over the edge. No, he didn't have his bathing suit on, but he sure had a great time! I love these spontaneous moments of fun! Who cares about wet clothes and a wet diaper...these are moments of day to day life to treasure.

Here he goes (he even has blue chalk on his butt! hehe!)....

Look at me mommy! He thought he was pretty funny!

Big splash!

An even bigger splash!

1...2...3...(he counts before doing anything big!


He loves dumping water over his head.
Photobucket's cold! He's teeth were starting to chatter at this point, but he wasn't ready to get out this time.

And, this is what happens to a regular diaperwhen submerged in swells and explodes. It was so funny watching him walk in this swollen diaper! It was more like a waddle.

Believe me, sometimes bath time is not much different!


Kim said...

Looks like you guys were doing the same thing as we did yesterday. I am going to put picks on the blog tonite. Yeah, who cares about a soggy diaper and wet clothes! Life is what matters most!

Bobbi said...

FINALLY!! I can comment. It kept kicking me out last night. Anyway...what fun!! It is the spontaneous times that they have the most fun. I love the one where he looks like he is about to jump on the side of it. And, the diaper. Precious!!

Now, Eli, could you teach Reese to like the cold water,and water being poured on his head. He isn't into that at all.

Lynn said...

Oh my gosh! How cute are those photos. I love them so much. What a handsome kid - you guys are sure doing a great job with Eli. Also, that's a great looking pool.

Terri said...

Lots of pool time for everyone his past weekend!
Love the diaper shot! Too cute!

aamayna said...

How fun!!! I love your new larger pictuers! Are these with your new camera? They are great!

Susie said...

How fun! Yep, those are the best days with kiddos!

Greta Jo said...

What fun! I love the second to last photo. Eli is so handsome.

Heidi said...

Holy moly, you are doing awesome with your camera! Love the diaper soggy butt pic, too cute!

Anonymous said...

I love these photos! He had so much
fun in the pool He likes splashing!