Monday, September 14, 2009

I scream, You scream...

We all scream for ice cream! Pea finally discovered what the ice cream truck is all about this past weekend. He is very familiar with hearing and seeing the truck and knows that it is an ice cream truck, but...he had no idea what that really meant! The truck comes through our neighborhood regularly so we figured it was close enough to the end of summer to get a dose of the ice cream truck. (We deliberately did not do this at the beginning of summer. No need to create an ice cream truck monster too early!)

Notice the shadow? My attempt to be in the picture!


Shadow Family

Dora ice cream. Pea loves Dora. I think more than Diego, but not as much as the Backyardigans!


Trying to get some of daddy's ice cream.



Donna said...

Did you see how you inspired me! I ust gotta say I LOVE seeing you and Dad in the pictures! The shadow picture needs to be blown up and put in Eli's room! Too cute!

I miss the Backyardigans! They're not completely gone. We're still watching them and we'll forever being singing our favorite songs (Garbage trek, garbage trek!). We are still deep into High Musical 1, 2 and 3! Catchy songs for Mom, but oh, how I miss the lively tunes of the Backyardigans!

Hey - so tell me you caught this. Nonnie was telling me what the boys had done that day and she says, "Then, they were off to the back yard again..." Get it? Back. yard. again. Gary and I had never picked up on that connection. How about you smarty pants?

Bobbi said...

Oh, the ice cream truck!! So glad we don't have one of those. It could be evil.

So glad to see you sneaking into more pics--even in the shadows:>)

aamayna said...

Your pix are just getting better and better!!!! So far, I keep telling Mayna it is a "Music Truck" so she has no idea the fruits it bears (yet!!!!)

Danny and Brittney said...

I still loooooove the ice cream truck. We don't get to see one too often. The chocolate face is priceless. Love it!

Terri said...

That's the cutest ice cream face ever!!!!
For some reason the ice cream truck doesn't come down our street. I guess I'm lucky! lol

Lynn said...

I love those photos. What kind of camera is it? It's so clear and crisp.
We have yet to experience the ice cream truck - not sure why they don't hit our neighborhood.

Guatmama said...

I too love the shadow pic! Love you last few posts - love your style!