Sunday, October 4, 2009

Mr. Independent

Pea has officially decided that he is the boss of the house and that he can do everything himself. It's been a lot of fun at our house! "Come here, mommy." "Do this, mommy." "Go to timeout, daddy." "Nooooooooo!! I don't want to do XYZ!" For example:

Pea: I am hungry.
Me: Okay, I will fix you some lunch.
Pea: NOOOOO!! I DON'T WANT LUNCH. (crying starts)
Me: Oh! Are you hungry?
Pea: Yes.
Me: Okay. I will get you something to eat.
Pea: NOOOOO!! I DON'T WANT SOMETHING TO EAT. (more crying and some throwing to mix it up a little.)

He then kicked it up a notch with the crying and threw something across the kitchen so he had to sit in his room for a little bit. We recently started having him go to his room when he gets mad (to the point of throwing things) to calm down. It is so funny because he just runs right into his room crying and sits in the middle of the floor. AND, he will not get up until we tell him it's okay. He will just sit there and cry until it's all out of his system and then he is fine.

On the flip side, all of his sweetness far outweighs the other stuff. One of his newest things is to run in the room saying "Look who's here, mommy?" Of course, I say "Who's here?" Pea: "It's ELI!" A couple weeks ago he asked where the sun went after it went behind the clouds so I asked him where he thought the sun went. He said "It's playing hide and seek."

A couple weeks ago Pea and I had a "mommy and Eli day." These days are very rare and I really miss them! We had a lot of fun playing at the park. And, of course, Mr. Independent was not really interested in the toddler area of the park and instead had to try out the big kid area. That is so much more fun!

Walking on the ropes.

Full steam ahead!




Arena Mom said...

Haha! Mayna used to do that too. I would get her lunch and she would say "NOOOO, I want snack" What?? What is the difference! Haha Your pix are looking great!

lynn said...

oh boy, do i feel your pain! Nathanael has some real moments like this and it's something else. tonight we wouldn't let him bang the paint brushes on the wall and it was full on meltdown. fortunately we've had a couple calm weeks because we had a stretch this summer that was over the top.

Danny and Brittney said...

Thanks so much for sharing all of Eli's special moments. I knew from the day we first met him that he would some day be Mr. Independant. Though if he needs his Momma, he knows your not too far away. That is the bond Kainen and I have. Love the park pics. Glad you were able to spend some time with him.

Gardenia said...

yes, we are in that stage now too. everything is no. Little Flower also says please ______ for me mommy. please pick up _____ for me daddy. please take me _____ mommy. you get the idea. it's the please that makes it hard to say no. so some days I feel like I'm dropping grapes in her mouth and fanning her with a fan! that is a great playground you two visited. he's challenging himself. wants to do the big kid stuff!

Bobbi said...

AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH some little pea!! What is this kid drinking in his milk!?!?!? He is sooooooo big!!! I just love his hair.

Oh, yes, the independence, the NOOOOOOOO and the throwing. Good times, aren't they???? Reese has kicked it up here with full blown screaming at the top of his lungs. Doesn't get him far, but gets it out of his system!!!

Looks like you and Eli had a blast!!

Joelsburg said...

Hmm... this is all sounding vaguely familiar. You show 'em who's boss, Eli!

Hannah said...

He is funny. You gotta love when they go through that phase.

I love those pictures of him, they are really special.