Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Big Decisions

I know. I know. It's been pretty quiet and boring in our little corner of the blog world. But, a lot has been happening and we recently made some big decisions. Jason and I have been planning on moving for several years. Not just moving across town, but moving from our current town. Away from family. Away from the place where I was raised. In fact, I never, EVER, imagined that I would even move back to the town where I grew up. I couldn't wait to go off to college and get the heck out of dodge! And, I did for about 10 years. Then, on a whim about 9 years ago, Jason and I decided we were tired of only seeing our families 2 or 3 times per year, at the most. So, we moved back to my hometown, to the place I had vowed to never live in again. But, after a couple of years, we were feeling the itch. The itch to live somewhere else and that became our plan.

Then, suddenly, things started getting in the way of our master plan: jobs, graduate school, building a family, the timing just didn't feel right, etc, etc. Through it all, however, we always talked about moving and our conversations would often be, "well, maybe we shouldn't do x, y, or z because we may be moving next year." Consequently, we have never really felt fully settled where we are because we have always planned on leaving. What we have slowly started to realize (yes...I said slowly!) is that our master plan (the plan that never seemed to materialize) has been holding us back. We stopped pursuing other goals and plans because we were so focused on this other plan and uncertain of our future. It was keeping us from building roots, making connections, and feeling grounded where we are. And, we realized we were growing weary of waiting for something to happen that may not happen for a long time, or may never happen. In many ways this realization was a great relief, in other ways it was a bit stressful because this is something we have been thinking about and planning on for a long time. Suddenly, our "master plan" seemed to be evolving...significantly.

We have finally admitted that our "master plan" no longer feels right and it's time to let it go...for now. So, what does that mean? We have a new plan! Ha! We have decided to stay we where we are and settle in for awhile (notice the noncommittal time frame!). In fact, we are getting ready to list our house so that we can look for another house to build some roots, a house with room to grow. Truly, this has been a huge decision for us and one we have been deliberating over for a few months. As you may remember, we were going to list our house last spring with the "plan" of moving away. Well, the market just wasn't in our favor so we decided to wait. And, during that wait, we did a lot of soul searching and it led to this recent decision. With that in mind, we are ready for a different kind of change. Sort of like a new beginning.

So, we have been busy getting our house ready and hope to have it listed by next week! We are excited, though we realize there are no guarantees in this market. My parents are helping us this weekend with a power clean so that everything will be ship shape! Wish us luck!

Pea is ready to start packing up, too!
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Pineapple Princess said...

Your new plans sounds really exciting!!!

Bobbi said...

I think you finally got the message:>) Glad that you are feeling good with your decision. Good luck with the house sale!! I hope it sells quickly for you

Bobbi said...

Oh, and it was nice to hear from you again!!! I miss you

Joelsburg said...

Not to throw a monkey wrench into your new plan... but the house next door to us is going up for sale sometime this month.

Gardenia said...

Isn't it interesting how "plans for the future" can actually sometimes stifle living in the present. I think we've all felt that pull at sometime. glad to hear you've come to a decision. good luck getting the house ready and on the market. new beginnings are around the corner.

Donna said...

Gurl - that's a LOT of planning! lol I'm a big fan of PLANS, too (I think that's why God likes to shake up my life every so often!)

Best of luck and all the best on preparing the house and getting it listed, etc! So much to DO!

Talk about my boys looking big! I bet Eli is the same height as them! He's so darn cute!

I miss you all! Thanks for the update (okay, but maybe more pics - is that being too demanding? hahaha).

Lynn said...

Wow! I think you are making a good decision, if hard. I will tell you now that we have moved into our "long term" house, it's felt terrific. For the past 4 1/2 years, we lived in a house that we knew we would not live in long term and it does effect so many things. Good luck with the house search and selling the current one!

Kim said...

Good luck! I'm sure you will find something that is perfect for your family with plenty of room to grow!

The gFamily said...

Your plans sounds good, although it would have been better if it included relocating to Indy! :)

It's nice to have decisions made! Best wishes!