Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Crazy Times!!

Hello???? Hello??? Hello???

Is anyone still out there???

Please don't abandon us...we're still here!!! The last few weeks have been CRAZY at our house!! As you know, we sold our house and then I was presented with an amazing opportunity that would have meant a new career and relocating across the state. It was an opportunity we had been waiting on for a very long time, but...after much stress and deliberation, I decided to walk away from it. We were so excited about the idea of moving to a new place and I was very excited about this career opportunity, but the timing just wasn't right. After the initial waves of excitement, we started to think about what we would be giving up...family, friends, great jobs, our community, and more. Being faced with the chance to walk away from everything we have right now, made us appreciate and value even more the life we have built. We're just not ready to give it up. It was an extremely difficult and stressful decision, but we made the right choice.

After making this decision, we frantically started the house hunt! That in and of itself was nutty! Our realtor found a house for us that was not even on the market, yet, and it is PERFECT for us!! We made an offer last week and it was accepted. The catch...we will not have possession until the end of June and we need to be out of our house by May 1st. AAAACK!!! At this exact moment, we still don't know where we are moving on May 1st. AAAAAAAAAAACK!!!!! We hope to have that all figured out in the next couple of days. If anything, we can always move in with my parents!

As if we aren't busy enough, we attended our state required two day adoption training this past weekend so we are well on our way! WOOOOHOOOO!!!! Life is crazy hectic right now, but life also feels better than ever. Life feels really, really good.

And...the highlight of our weekend...Pea turned THREE on Sunday!!!!

Happy Birthday, Eli!!!



Donna said...

Cah-RAZY times, girl! Wow!! So proud of you guys making the right decision for you family! I canNOT wait to "see" the new house!

And I'm thinkin yall should take the show on the road! come visit all your friends! ;-)

Eli looks amazing! Three!?! Where does the time go?

aamayna said...

Oh wow! Crazy indeed! Glad you found a new house, but wish you were moving closer this way :( Happy Birthday to Pea!! What a little cutie pie!

Bobbi said...

I am here, I am here!!! I love the photo of you and Eli. You are both beaming! AND, did you make that cake?!?!!? Love it

Congratulations on selling/finding a house. You'll figure out all the stuff in between!! EH, what's a little time of being homeless;>)Keep us posted as you can!!

Kim said...

Happy Birthday Eli! I hope everything works out for you guys and you find a place to live in the meantime!

Jess said...

I am still here! Not blogging myself, but I do check yours sometime. Congrats on all the house stuff and with the job offer. Sounds like a really tough decision, but I am glad you are at peace with what you decided.


Gardenia said...

wow, your life is crazy hectic. so glad you feel good about the stressful decisions you made. and you're a step closer in your adotion travela. yay. I'm sure God will lead you to the right solution in your housing situation for may and june.

Terri said...

Happy Birthday sweet pea!!!!
So happy to hear that everythings falling into place! We would never abandon you guys!!!

Heidi said...

No worries, I have been a horrible blogger lately! Congrats on the new move and good luck with everything. Happy Belated Birthday to Eli!

Lynn said...

Hi - Thinking of you. I hope the move is going well. Someone told me this 6 months ago when we were in the throws of a move - that we wouldn't remember most of hte misery in 6 months & it's true. I remember some of the misery but most of it is gone!