Saturday, August 21, 2010

Bargain Hunter or Hoarder?

You all know from previous posts that I love a good bargain! So, I have been taking FULL advantage of some pretty amazing diaper deals to get ready for our newest addition! I have been carrying around all of these diapers in my trunk for about 3 months and finally decided it was time to take them out (the nesting has begun!). Pea decided to take full advantage and built himself a diaper house. I counted up the diapers and figured we are stocked up for about six months! Isn't that crazy?!?! Seriously, I got these diapers either free or under $5.00 a package. Who can pass that up?!
So, we are finally starting to settle in more at our new house. All of our floors are either newly carpeted or refinished (hardwood) so we have been able to start unpacking a little and arranging our furniture. Before the floors were finished, we were basically living out of one room! It feels so great to be able to spread out and really start to enjoy our house. We still have a lot of work to do, but we can relax a little more now.
Adoption news...we had our final home study visit last Sunday and we are almost ready to go "active." That means we will be ready to take a call at any time. Our agency has been informing us that we could be matched very quickly so we have to be prepared. Consequently, we had to delay our process a little bit due to our move (unthinkable, I know!). We could be matched with a birth mother who is due in 10 weeks (generally no longer that that) or we could be given a 24 hour notice to be at the hospital. This process has been completely different and the idea that it could possibly happen quickly is a little mind boggling! Of course, we all know that the adoption process is unpredictable so anything is possible. Even so, we are excited and nervous about the possibility of welcoming another child into our family in the next few months.
Pea is also starting preschool next week so that will be a very big change for him. But, I think he is going to love it!
This summer has been about big changes for our house, new day care, and preparing for a new baby. Very exciting stuff!


Guatmama said...

Oh, I can't wait to hear the news. And just think how fast you will use those diapers!

Terri said...

I'm the same way. When there's a deal... I'm buying it!. I have b-day presents, Christmas presents and every kind of present when I need one. I have a closest full of deals and bargains. I think it save money in the long run right?! At least that's what I'm telling myself. =)

I miss your blogging. When you get your little one...please blog more!

Becky said...

I just bought 8 things of deordorant today. It's not hoarding, it's just good sense:) I think....maybe we're all just horading. Can't wait to hear of news for the new addition. So exciting.

Donna said...

Lands'sakes that's there's a Lot of diapers! At $5 below and free, Definitly a BARGAIN Hunter!

The adoption news is beyond exciting!!! Wow!! We are so excited for you guys. Can't wait to see what the Lord has in store for you! We'll be praying for the journey!

....and a little advice, I know how "surviving" the wait in adoption can be tough, may I suggest you take on the project of showing us room by room of your house with detailed plans for it's renovation? LOL ...just sayin' ;-)

Bobbi said...

I don't have one in diapers but not sure I could have passed that up:>)
So glad you are settling in!! I miss you. Pea is so big now!!

Great, great, wonderful baby news. I CANNOT wait to meet the newest memeber of your family.

Danny and Brittney said...

I love the picture. It will be so nice when you don't have to rush to the store because you used your last diaper. Your good and stocked for a while. I am excited about your journey and can't wait to see that post about your newest addition.

Greta Jo said...

OMG! What great news about the adoption. We are starting our home study next week. Phew!

I too LOVE a great deal :)

The gFamily said...

I am SO excited for you guys!! I can't wait to hear all about the new baby!!!!

I hope you get to use all those Huggies very soon!! :)

Jess said...

Finally checking in! So happy to hear you are closing in on a new little one!!!! Can you believe our boys are in preschool?!?!?