Thursday, September 23, 2010

Before and After

Just so you know...we really have been working very hard on our house so here is a little taste. I need to take some more "after" pictures so I will post more later.

First of all, here she is!! We have done NOTHING outside so we are surrounded by a jungle right now. As you can see, there is a strip of grassless yard in the week before our closing the water company discovered a leak in the main water line. The previous owners had it repaired right away and paid for it! We were so lucky! Plus, the initial plan was to tear up the driveway, but thank goodness they found a way around that.

Pea's room BEFORE. Lavendar walls and lovely purple carpet! You can see the "after" in my previous post. We ripped out the carpet and had the hardwood floor refinished. We painted the walls and the woodwork. My brother is also currently working on some super duper cute valances for pea's room and I can't wait to see them! You may remember that he also made pea's crib skirt and a matching valance. We are reusing those in the baby's room.

Our lovely, lovely dining room...BEFORE! There were three layers of wallpaper, ugly paneling, and hideous carpet. We ripped out the carpet and had the hardwood floor refinished. It is BEAUTIFUL! We took down the paneling and all of the wallpaper. Painted the ceiling (including the beams), walls, and woodwork. Then, my brother worked his magic, yet again, by designing and installing the custom wainscotting. He is a genius. Seriously! He and my brother-in-law can do absolutely ANYTHING house related from custom window treatments to major renovations. They have been more than generous with their time in helping us with some of our projects. Oh, and the wall to the right will eventually be opened up into the kitchen. AFTER...we still need to paint the wainscotting (white), but it is already a huge improvement! (don't worry, the curtains are gone!)
There is still a lot of work to be done, but we are slowly making it OUR home. It really is a great feeling! Yes, the work really sucks and we are a little tired of it, but we have a lot of the major stuff done for now so we can slow down for awhile, especially when the baby arrives. By the way, the nursery is painted, the crib is ready, itty bitty onesies and sleepers are in the dresser...all patiently waiting.


Donna said...

NOOO! Purple carpet? Grandma's curtains? You got RID of them!?! American staples!

;-) just kiddin! LOVE the changes! The dining room is simply FAB!

And the house itself is phenominal!! I LOVE it!

You said the BABY'S ROOM! How cool is it to HEAR that!?! Yay!

I know you guys are workin hard! You have the BEST brother and brother in law EVAH! Hope you're having some fun too!

Guatmama said...

That house is a beauty, so charming from the outside! I cannot wait to see all the after!

Joelsburg said...

More after photos, please.

Bobbi said...

oooohhh little onsies........makes my heart skip a beat!!

UMMMM, can I have those talented boys over to my house?!?!! Looking great

Heidi said...

Your house is beautiful! I love it. Your brother is amazing!

I can't wait to hear the BIG news when it happens which I'm sure will be soon! Way to go on your diaper deals!! What agency are you using?