Monday, August 6, 2007

The "Dry Run"

So, Jason thought it would be a great idea to do a "dry run" packing Eli's suitcase. We have so much stuff for Eli and Jason was very concerned that it was not all going to fit. Now, this is the big difference between me and Jason. He prepares ahead, I procrastinate. If it weren't for Jason, I probably would not start packing until about a hour before we are scheduled to leave. I would be okay with that, but he would be very stressed out!! So, it was better for the both of us to do the "dry run." Ha!

So, part of the "dry run" included going through all of the toys we have acquired for Eli to determine what we should take and what should stay home. It was quite a night just trying to figure out all the new toys. Oh, the adventures of new parents! One toy was particularly confusing, but Jason's creativity and ingenuity prevailed. I think we will get through this new parent thing just fine!

We also recently purchased our very first video camera and, of course, we had to try it out!! So, enjoy our fumbling towards parenthood and our very first movie!! OH, REMEMBER TO HIT PAUSE ON THE SONG ON THE RIGHT HAND SIDE OF THE BLOG RIGHT UNDER "LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL." (This is primarily for my sister's benefit. hee hee)


Anonymous said...

It's almost time to go!! Pack those bags, get your tickets, remember the tissues... Eli is waiting! Savor each precious moment with your son. I think it is wonderful that you are taking the time to cuddle him up and to get to know him... and I can't wait to read every detail. I know it will be so special. SBP

Nicole said...

Hello! I brought the max luggage and it was SO heavy, but SO worth it!

The musical toys are a hit with Dominic.... baby leap frog and one of those jungle-gym/sing-set toys you lay over them - it seems to be the only way I can get a shower while he's awake! I'm also glad I brought a couple of extra receiving blankets and extra bottles. You can get those things here, but very nice to already have them with you.

It's a wonderful experience! Happy packing!