Friday, February 8, 2008

More craziness!!

Well, the procedures for the Central Authority have changed, yet, again!! This is just nuts!! But, it is not necessarily a bad thing because it sounds like they are starting to get organized, they have staff, hopefully office supplies, and the funding was apparently finally released by the president. Of course, there are still many rumors and speculations. But, what we know for sure is that ALL of the attorneys must return to the Central Authority and re-register cases by 2/12. Okay, we are talking about approximately 2500 cases. Can you believe this???

The attorneys have been advised to bring back the original stamped registration form (what they received when they first registered cases) and they will be restamped with a registration number. There is speculation that PGN may accept cases with this number as proof of registration rather than waiting for the central authority to issue a certificate of registration, which could take weeks and weeks. But, it is purely speculation and interpretation at this point and, as you know, everything changes by the hour. So, we just have to wait and see.

Apparently, the attorneys started lining up today and there was still a very long line late into the evening. The central authority will be open all weekend so hopefully they can get all of these cases re-registered by 4:00pm on 2/12. Good grief!

We also received confirmation from our agency tonight that they WILL be providing ALL families copies of the stamped registration forms, though we may not get them until later next week. Even so, our coordinator assured me that we would receive a verbal or e-mail confirmation of our re-registration no later than 4pm on 2/12.

We just need to get through this registration mess. Hopefully, they will get these cases registered quickly and we can get back into PGN soon. Not that we really want to go back to that blackhole, but we gotta get back in to get OUT. I'll tell ya what, I am tired of "apparently," "hopefully," "maybe," "wait and see," etc. etc. Let's get this worked out and get these children home already!! So, what does Eli think of all of this?

"You gotta be kiddin' me. Get your act together people. I want to come home!"


Donna said...

Are you KIDDING me!?! Good grief, Stephanie! Again, I'm glad there's movement, but good grief!! You need a SPA weekend, hon. I know you must be exhausted.


K Leclercq said...

I hope this is the last change as far as CA goes... This has been one crazy ride! Eli is just so cute!!!

Beth said...

This just feels like a bad joke at this point. I am glad that they seem to have their act together a bit more in this 11th hour, but I am so sorry that you are waiting for something you thought you had. I am jus sorry that you and other families are going through this at all. Yuck.
Hoping to see your update that you are re-registered soon!

Bobbi said...

Dear God, how are you not strangling someone?!?!?? Let's hope they finally have their poop in a group and this guy gets back in AND OUT of PGN quickly!!!!

Sorry you have to go through this.

I am with Eli!!

Jess said...

I'm with you Eli!!

Guatemama said...

This is really crazy. ENOUGH ALREADY!!! I hope you get confirmation that you are reg. asap and are going in PGN.
Sorry that you have to go through all this!!

Gretchen said...

Tell them Eli!! This is so ridiculous and I can't imagine the amount of stress you are going through! Just focus on Breathe in, Breathe out! I'm praying for you.

Frances said...

Eli is so handsome in that picture!
I think things are starting to look up, although, PGN will be crazy next week when our cases along with 1998 other cases are submitted! Hope they are prepared to work long hours!

Joelsburg said...

Guatemala's apparently not the only country with adoption craziness going on (Families Adopting in Vietnam Say They Are Caught in Diplomatic Jam). It looks like the State Department is in the thick of this one, too. I wonder how these families were able to attract the attention of their Senators, and the national media?

Emily said...

Come on already- geez! I just have a good feeling that you'll get good news this week-- and get back into PGN ASAP! You more than deserve a smooth ride from here on OUT! I'll be checking back for that good news, too!