Thursday, February 7, 2008

Quick update

FINALLY...we received confirmation from our agency that our attorney registered us with the central authority on Tuesday. We requested proof of this registration and hopefully we will receive that soon. When our attorney submitted our case, he should have received a stamped copy of our submission paperwork basically confirming it was received. This is what we want to see. has been an extremely stressful few days not knowing the fate of our case given all of the current political craziness. The stress of all three previos combined does not even compare to the stress of the last 3 days. I am emotionally and mentally exhausted!! But, this mama and papa stood strong! I suspect we may be blacklisted at our agency right now! Hee hee!! I don't care. This was WAY to important and critical for me to care.

One question we have been asked several times is if we can change attorneys at this point and the answer is a big fat NO for several reasons. The most important reason is we signed power of attorney when we accepted little pea's referral to allow our attorney and his assistant to act on our behalf. The grandfather clause specifies that a case must have a registered POA in Guatemala by 12/30/07 in order to proceed under the previous adoption law. So, if we switched attorneys now, we would have to sign a new POA and we would no longer be grandfathered. If we are not grandfathered, our case would be subjected to the new laws and that would have an unthinkable outcome for our family.

Okay, it's time for SURVIVOR!!!! A much needed respite from a very stressful week.


Frances said...


I am happy to hear you are registered! Now let's hope the Constancias start coming and we are both back in PGN soon!

Waiting on Rosalie

Jess said...


oh Lawyers. . . . it's hard to understand when we only come from experience in the US.

You are right, Mommy and Pappy are STRONG!!!

Chris and Lindsey Wheeler said...

I am so with you.....and am praying for you!! I am also watching Survivor.....can you believe Johnny is already voted off???!! Crazy. Hope you have a restful weekend.

Lindsey Wheeler

Derek and Jennifer said...

I am so glad to hear that you are now actually registered. Let's hope and pray this is the last hurdle for you guys.

I hope you can have a wonderful relaxing weekend and not focus on this crazy process.

Come on CA - get us all back in PGN so we can be done... Enough already!

Bobbi said...

Hope your respite was good!!

So glad to hear that you are registered. Let's get this boy HOME!!!!!!

Good thought asking for proof. OH, and your agency--YOU PAID THEM!!! You deserve to knock down their doors. Good job MAMA!!!

Beth said...

So proud of you!
Soooooooo happy for movement!!

So hoping you are not flooded out!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You could always hop a flight to GUAT!!!

The gFamily said...

YAY for registration!! That is an answer to prayer!! Sorry that you have to be stuck with your lawyer! I am praying now that you get back in PGN with the right fix and that you get right back out! It is only fair! They have already seen your paperwork three times!! Just pass it though guys!! You can do it!!

Praying, praying, praying!

Anonymous said...

Yeah!!!! Finally!! Got gettum Steph. I'm so happy to hear that things are moving forward again.


Donna said...

Yay! You go girl - good job Mommy and Daddy of fighting for their baby! Congrats on the movement!

Erica said...

YEA!!!! I'm so glad to hear that you finally got word that you've been registered. Now let's get those certificates, get in and out of PGN, and get our boys home!

Sally said...

Hooray for progress!!!!! You're smart for requesting proof--who cares what your agency thinks. You're fighting to get your little boy home, and that's worth whatever it takes!