Thursday, March 13, 2008

Holding up Hope

From the last post: We know we are surrounded by love and hope. We know on the days that we feel very low, many of you are holding up that hope for us.

Look what arrived the day I wrote that. A box full of love and hope from my blogger pal, Nicole. Included was her Guatemalan cell phone she so generously gave to us to use on our next trip, a gift card for some "retail therapy," and the essentials for surviving an embassy appointment - snacks! Thank you, Nicole!!!!!!!

My brother and Chris came over on Sunday to install Eli's window valance. Isn't it incredible? We LOVE it!!!

Not only did we come home to a box of hope from Nicole, we also came home to a little surprise in Eli's room...the finished crib skirt!!!! My brother snuck in while we work! Oh, we just love, love, love it!! The nursery is close to being finished. Now, that is FULL of love and hope!!!

And, the preparations for our next trip have begun....yes, this is what we have to pack and this is not all of it. It is a sickness, I know. Retail therapy really does help. Hee hee!!! What better way to restore our hope than to love on our sweet pea. Oh, we can't wait!!!

Our attorney reported today that we are still in PGN. I have been fighting the urge to call PGN all week, mainly because I was too scared to hear bad news! Well, I finally broke down and called today to find out exactly where we are in the review process. Of course, I couldn't get through. I was hung up on a couple of times, was told to call back, and when I did call back I was told that Laura (the famous PGN receptionist) went home sick. Maybe tomorrow.


Stacy said...

Eli's room is going to be cute, cute, cute!!! I love the colors!
Have you tried calling PGN first thing in the morning when they open? Sometimes that is the easiest time to get through. I've also had luck when I call at 2:30 or 3:00 Guat time.
Happy 11 month bday, Eli!


Chris & Lindsey Wheeler said...

His room is adorable!!! I love all of the glad you are going to see his sweet face so soon. Also, love the Guatemalan cell phone....I need one of those.


Jess said...

I understand putting off calling PGN so you don't find out bad news. I felt that way too, better to dream you are still in for a few days then find out you aren't. But, I bet Eli is still in. I really, really hope that you find out you are OUT when you are down there! I am definitely holding out that hope for you!!

Eli's room is adorable! Good job!

Looks like you have some packing to do!! Enjoy it! Eli's going to love his things!

Nicole is a great friend!

Donna said...

Oh! I was hoping you would call - I can't believe Laura's not there!! doesn't matter because your file is on Barrios desk just waiting to be signed!!

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the nursery!! Thanks for the pictures. Way to go Bro!

I was a shop-aholic/pack-aholic, too. We always took more for the twins than for us! And your suitcase looks like it is topped Full of Fun for that little boy!!

Yippee! I'm SO excited about your trip!! Praying my heart out over here for you guys!


Heidi said...

I tried calling PGN yesterday for the first time too. I only tried once and it just rang and rang. Calling is so scary!

His room is really cute and what a nice blogger pal you have!

Kim said...

I just love Eli's valance! Very cute! When I was down in Guatemala last week Katelyn LOVED those Gerber puffs! They truly are "baby crack"! LOL! I noticed you have one of those balls with the holes in them. Katelyn loved that toy as well. I hope you get the call soon that you are OUT of PGN, otherwise I don't know how you are going to take all that down with you! LOL!

Jennifer & Derek said...

Love the room! Your brother did such an awesome job. I'm still expecting your OUT call before Wednesday! I so want to see you relaxed in Guatemela knowing he's coming home soon.

Good luck packing!!! We've begun trying to figure out how to pack for 2 little ones for our upcoming trip.

I was wondering what kind of baby carrier you are using? We are trying to decide on the best one for an older/heavier child.

The gFamily said...

Oh, I love the valance and crib skirt! I love the colors! Eli will love it too!

What a fun gift from Nicole! It won't be long until you are down there using those things! YAY!!

Anonymous said...

The skirt and valance are beautiful! How exciting.

All those great toys - Eli is going to be one happy boy!

Bobbi said...

Ok, you got me all excited, then Laura let me down. Hope you found something out.

Retail therapy is the best. It can lift anyone up.

Guess Eli won't be bored on this trip. He is going to think you robbed a toy store :>)

I love the color of the nursery. And, the valance and crib skirt are awesome. You have a great brother!

Hoping for good news soon....

Anonymous said...

LOVE his room...soooo cute!!! The only thing that will make it better is having Eli in it....and that will be SOON!!! Praying for your OUT!!
Keep shopping...retail therapy really does work! It helped me through 3 adoption processes! I highly recommend it! (Ok, you're's a sickness:/)

Guatemama said...

It looks like you have some wonderful things packed for Eli! I suffer from the same sickness by the way. I can't say no to cute outfits or educational toys. :) Love Love his room. Hope you can get through to PGN soon. I bet you are counting the days.. Hope you phone rings asap!!

Guatmama said...

Love the new additons to the room! Eli is sooooo cute.

Beth said...

TOMORROW!!!!! TOMORROW!!!! I just don't even know what else to say!!!!

Jess said...

I noticed you hadn't posted in a while so I looked at your ticker at the top and I JUST REALIZED YOU ARE IN GUATEMALA!!!!!



I am praying that you'll learn you are out of PGN while you are down there.

Can't wait to see your next post!!!

Shellza said...

Steph- I'm glad we got back in touch. I think it has been over 4 years. You should be on a plane right now headed to Guatemala. Wishing all of you the best of luck. Take care!! Michele

Jess said...

I am counting down the hours now. . .

2 hours and 15 minutes!!!!

Jess said...

1 hour 30 minutes!!

Jess said...

Okay, surely you have him now, so I'll stop commenting!! ;)

I'll now just wait patiently for pictures of you with your cute one!!

Jillicious said...

Love the room... can't wait to see pics of that crib with Sweat Pea in it!

Have a Happy Easter!