Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Eli's been tagged!!!

Awwww...his first blogger tag! Hee hee!! Logan & Austin and Reese, Cassie, & Krista decided that everyone should know a little bit more about little pea. For this tag, Eli has to list 10 random things about himself. So, here he goes!

1. Sleep is gooooood. I usually sleep around 10-12 hours every night!

2. But, sleeping in a crib is overrated. I would much rather spend the night kicking mommy & daddy.

3. I guess I really need all of that sleep because I can't sit still. I love to jump, bounce, crawl, dance, and touch EVERYTHING!!! Sitting still is just boring!! I don't even like to lay still for a diaper change, which makes it really interesting for my mommy & daddy. It's actually really funny!! Like the time in MonoLoco restaurant...I made such a mess in my diaper that mommy & daddy had to take all my clothes off in the booth and then they ran out of wipes! Then Aeson's mommy had to come to the rescue with more wipes. It was like a circus!! I was trying to see what was going on, but for some reason my mommy did not like me sticking my hands in the mess. So I then had to stick my hands in my hair.

4. When I get really tired, I love to scratch my head and pull on my hair and ears.

5. I love to eat!!! I love black beans, chicken, papaya, bananas, carrots, red peppers, pancakes, guacamole, cake...the only thing I really don't like is pineapple.

6. One of my favorite games is "ojitos." My foster family plays this game with me. They say "ojitos", which means little eyes, and we all squint our eyes together. My mommy thought it was really cute and sweet.

7. My mommy & daddy say I have a funny laugh that sounds like a baby howler monkey.

8. My mommy & daddy also told me I am really smart (they said I have to earn lots of scholarships, too). I learned how to pull out the big phone book and stand on it so I could reach all of the fun stuff on the bedside table. I also learned how to climb off of the big king size bed and I discovered where daddy packed the snacks in the suitcase.

9. Mommy is a little worried that I have a high pain tolerance. I hit my head a lot, but it didn't bother me. One night I fell and hit my head on the wall and it just made me laugh!! I think I heard her say the word "daredevil." She also said my daddy is the same way. If that's the case, I think daddy and me are going to have loads of fun together when I come home!!

10. My mommy & daddy are pretty awesome. They smiled and laughed A LOT when we were all together. They also gave me lots of hugs and kisses. I think I make them very happy.

I guess I get to tag some of my buddies!! I like this game!!

Kinsey & Kaiden
Nathaniel (Little E)
Alex & Anika



Bobbi said...

Eli, you make me cry. You do have an awesome Mommy and Daddy. Don't you forget that!!

Oh, what is with you boys and diaper explosions in restaurants. That one made me laugh too. That has happened here a few times. Mom ended up with it on her, Reese, the bathroom, oh you name it. BUT, he at least doesn't get it in his own hair........ICK!!!

Sounds like a busy little boy. Cant' wait to get my hands on him--if I can catch him!!

Guatemama said...

Eli you sound like a wonderful little man! I can't wait until you see your Mom and Dad again and have more fun together!

Thanks for tagging Alex and Anika

Jess said...

Uh Oh! I've been tagged, which means mommy will have to find MORE time on the computer. She likes to show me off, so it shouldn't be that bad.

It's good to get to know you a little more Eli!! I can't wait till you are in the states! I wish we were going to be close enough to play together!

Your Guatemalan buddy,

Heidi said...

I loved learning more about your cute little personality, Eli! The "ojitos" game sounds so fun!

Kim said...

Eli! You are too precious! Thanks for tagging Katelyn, it is her first official game of tag as well!

MICHELLE said...