Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Happy Birthday, Jason!!

36 years old!! How did this happen? Wasn't it just yesterday that we were hanging out in the dorm lounge "studying?" My how time flies! Happy Birthday!!

We had a b-day party on Sunday with the fam to celebrate Jason's and our nephew's birthdays. Jason has had a rough week with his students so tonight we had a relaxing lowkey evening, which was probably his best gift! Of course, spending his first birthday with his son trumps everything.

Little Pea update...he had his 18 month check-up yesterday. I wasn't kidding when I said this boy is growing like a weed! He has grown another 2" and is up to 34" tall. This places him in the 90th percentile for height and he is in the 75th percentile for weight at 28lbs. He's a big boy for 18 months! And, remember my post near the end of August regarding how fast his feet are growing? Well, he has now outgrown size 6. Yep, it only took about 7 weeks.

We also started Pea's transition to the sitter yesterday. We are starting with a couple hours and then he will be there the whole day on Friday. He did great yesterday, but the sitter said he really missed his mama today. The minute I walked in the door to pick him up, he started crying, ran to me, and sqeezed me tight. Oh man. This is rough!


Heidi said...

Happy Birthday Jason!

That boy is growing so fast! I know what you mean about shoes. Emmi just skipped a whole shoe size!

Bobbi said...

Happy Birthday, Jason!!!!

WOW!! He is big. I was just happy Reese was on the charts this time. Can we have his shoes??? Reese is in a 7 too!!

Oh, Steph, good luck with the sitter. How tough that must be for both of you. I'll be thinking of you and Eli

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Jason!
Eli is so gorgeous. The transition to the sitter is tough. Just take it one day at a time.

Pam L said...

Happy Birthday Jason!

And WOW, you're boy is growing like a weed! If you're giving him some miracle vitamins, you'll have to clue me in. Maria, until this fall, has been able to wear clothes and shoes for two seasons (I mean two summers or two winters). She wears everything out before she outgrows it, but maybe that pattern is starting to change.
Hope you both adjust soon to the sitter. I know that can be a rough time.

Donna said...

Happy Brithday, Jason!! Sorry you had a rough week with the kids - I can't imagine every week, but being tough! lol

And dorm rooms? Oh - I want pictures of "wehn we met!!" How cool - college buddies!

We go to the docs tomorrow for our 2 1/2 year check-up. Not sure on height, but I think we're still about 30lbs in weight and currently sporting a size 9 shoe - hahaha!

Eli's gonna be a BIG handsome boy, isn't he? What size is he wearing? I'm with Bobbi - send us YOUR hand-me-downs!

((hugs)) on the sitter thing. We're still adjusting to my being at work 20 scheduled hours a week (I used to have flex hours and/or just took them with me). Hoping it all goes semi-well for you all.