Monday, October 13, 2008

Weekend Adventures

We had quite a busy, funfilled weekend! Our first stop was the fire station for their open house held every October (fire safety month). Eli loved the fire truck and he was not very happy when it came to time to go home! It actually was pretty neat to get inside the fire truck! And, we got a couple new smoke detectors free! Woohoo! (Becky, you can inform Steven that we pass the safety test!)

Eli running towards the fire truck!
Cool lights!
Ready to roll. If only I could reach the that the siren button???
Looking out our window at the fire truck beside our house. He does this multiple times a day!
Our next stop was the pumpkin patch! We arrived just in time for a hayride, which Eli was not so sure about. After our hayride, we grabbed a wagon and headed out to pick our own pumpkins.

I want this one, daddy!
The perfect size.

Headin' back with our pumpkins!


Bobbi said...

Looks like he is in heaven. It is never good when the fun has to come to an end is it?

He looks so proud of his pumpkins. Wonder what he will think of carving them......ICK!

Kim said...

Wow! Busy weekend and LOTS of fun!

Danny and Brittney said...

I like firetrucks too Eli. Kainen had one come to his 3rd birthday party years ago for a demonstration. Maybe your mommy can have one at your next b-day party too....