Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas at Home

We had a wonderful Christmas Day! It was so much fun to wake up at home with little pea, watch him discover all of the gifts around the tree, and to realize they were for him. My parents came over to enjoy the morning and have Christmas breakfast with us. It took Eli about 3 hours to open all of his gifts. He would open one or two, play for awhile, open a couple more, play for awhile, and so on. Santa was very good to Eli this year! What a joy.

The tree after Santa left our house. The ride on toy on the left was a gift from Jason's parents, oma and pop pop, that arrived just in time for Christmas Day.
His stocking with Tyrone peeking out.
Reading one of his new books. Eli got LOTS of new books!
He discovered Tyrone!!
Eli's new baby! Santa found this on a really great site: Dolls Like Me. This baby is so cute and cuddly! He has on little pajamas and carries a bear with matching PJ's. I think this is Eli's new snugglebunny. Playing with his Little People bus. He loves buses and was very excited about this gift!

We went to my parents' house in the afternoon to celebrate with my family. My mom always makes Christmas very special with every little detail. We stuffed ourselves, we laughed, talked, and made a huge mess of my parents' house! It wouldn't be Christmas any other way! ;) I even made Guatemalan Christmas Punch (Poche). Delicious!

Eli's cousins gave him the Little People fire truck and this was a HUGE hit!Mamaw and papaw gave Eli this Backyardigan's guitar.

Christmas family pic at the end of the day. Eli was wired by this point! It was a very busy and exciting day and I think he was asleep the minute his head hit the mattress.


Bobbi said...

So glad you all had a great Christmas together. I was thinking of you. I do remember last year..I remember getting up in the night for Reese's bottle, and while it was heating sneeking in to check to see if you updated--and there he was crawling!!! Oh, I cried giving Reese his bottle that night thinking of you!!

Looks like Santa took good care of Eli. Keep me posted on your trip to ME!!!

Kelly said...

It looks like you all had a wonderful Christmas!!!! I loved all the pics and I love Eli's sweater, soooooo handsome!

The gFamily said...

That is a day you will always remember! It looked like so much fun!! I love Eli's bed head as he checked out all of his gifts! He is such a cutie!!

Aimee said...

What a nice Christmas! I love the stocking from Guatemala!! Very cute!