Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas from PA

Eli received a special delivery from his aunt, uncles, and cousins in Pennsylvania. He was definitely into opening his presents and even resorted to using his teeth at times to rip the paper. He is a determined little pea!

He loves listening to the alphabet song and we see lots of crazy dancing in front of the fridge now!
Opening his gift from Uncle Kirk and Uncle Noah.
Ooooooh...TRUCKS! This boy LOVES trucks. He gets so excited and says "trucks" in this really hilarious growling voice. If he wasn't so stinkin' sweet, the voice would be a bit creepy!
A new Steelers jersey! What more could a boy want...trucks and football. Or, as Eli says, "buttball."
The trucks from his uncles were a huge hit. He would not put them down tonight so I could get him dressed for bed. He kept running away from me laughing and growling "trucks!" In fact, he even sat on the potty and pooped while holding onto his trucks! We had to do truck hi-5's for pooping on the potty!

Seriously, what is it with boys and trucks? It is just fascinating to me! We don't feel like we have pushed trucks and cars and he has been exposed to a wide variety of toys. But, he loves, loves, loves his trucks.
I am also constantly amazed at how much he understands and remembers! The other day he was being Mr. Crankypants and I asked him if he wanted to go to timeout. Now, we were doing timeout for a very short period of time a few months ago when he went through a hitting phase, but he has not been in timeout for a least a couple of months. After I asked him, he nodded his head yes, ran to the timeout chair, climbed in, and then started crying. It was actually quite funny! After he put himself in timeout, he was in a great mood for the rest of the evening. He continues to talk more and more and is starting to put simple sentences together. It is so fun to watch him learning new things, but I don't want him to grow up! It seemed like time stood still while we were waiting for him to come home, but now I wish it would slow down just a little! It's hard to believe sometimes that he has been home for 8 months, yet it also feels like he has always been here. Amazing!


Susie said...

Okay, so I really did read the whole post, but here's what caught my attention the most: "poop on the potty"--what?? He's not even 2! What's your secret--please please share! The critterboy has very few wet accidents, but has only pooped on the toilet once and he's closing in on 4 years old! Go little pea!

Aimee said...

Very cute! I am not a fan of the Pittsburg Steelers shirt though! Go Browns! (hahaha!)

Misty Jo said...

I am so glad that he liked his ABC fridge thing! He enjoyed it so much when you all were here visiting, I just thought he'd like one at home! I just want to hug the little guy so much. I wish you all were closer! In time we will get to squeeze the daylights out of him, lol!!! Tell Eli..."Kepp on truckin'"!! Aunt Misty loves him as do the boys!!

Bobbi said...

Again with the potty thing!! So jealous. Eli, have a talk with my boy, will you??

Oh, what fun they are going to have. Reese uses a creepy deep voice when he says trucks too!! And, he has the alphabet toy. Loves it. I love how he was holding ALL the trucks....again, what fun they will have--if they aren't fighting over the trucks!!

Steph, he is growing up so fast. I love the time out story--especially the crying. that was too funny.

Happy New YEar!! This is going to be a great one

Kim said...

I love all the pictures. Eli is just precious! I especially love the bedhead picture at Christmas!

The gFamily said...

What a great post! I learned so much about the Little Pea! He is such a great kid!! Time does go too fast doesn't it!! He is doing so many fun things right now! I love that he put himself in timeout! Hilarious! He already pooped on the potty!! From a mom who potty trained two boys.... I am impressed!!!! He is talking so much too! Also very impressive! He must have some amazing parents!! :) Wish I could squeeze that precious little guy!!

Happy 2009!

Heidi said...

Jake's obsessed with cars and trucks too. I don't get it either! So glad you had a great Christmas. Looks like Eli got just what he loves!

Guatemama said...

Eli you are such a cute big boy! The potty that is awesome. Isn't it amazing about the boy and truck thing? Alex was the same way and we tried not to push him with toys either but he was SO into boy stuff. Glad you had a great holiday.

Sig said...

Hi Steph! Thanks for visiting my blog, I do remember you! Glad to see you got Eli home, he is such a cutie :)