Monday, August 17, 2009

Life with Two...

Goofballs. And, to think I sometimes wonder where pea gets his silliness! Lord help me...


Between pea and Jason, there is always some sort of craziness going on at our house and Jason always knows how to make pea laugh. You know...that pure, laughing-so-hard-stop-I-can't-breathe kind of laugh. It is music to my ears and always gets me laughing, too!

Pea doesn't always need his daddy to get laughing. He is learning to crack himself up and, I admit, he is pretty funny! Sometimes he really tries to be funny and, well, most times he is funny just by nature of being a toddler. For example:
  • He has this really funny dance thing he does when he is really, really excited. He moves his feet around really fast, does some beat boxin', and does a combo breakdance/yoga move where he puts his hands on the ground and stretches like he's in the downward dog position while periodically kicking back his legs. It's hilarious and cracks me up every time!
  • He also has a "sneaky walk." Again, another thing he learned from the Backyardigans (Robinhood the Clean episode for you fans! Sad...I know.) He gets on his tippy toes, hunches over, holds his hands up, and "sneaks" around very fast.
  • The other day, he was sitting on the potty and making a grand effort (if you know what I mean.) He then looked at me with a very sincere and earnest face, held up his hands, and said "I got nothing, mommy."
  • Saturday, pea decided he wanted to go swimming so he ran over to the pool, took off all his clothes, and jumped in. He then said "Come on, daddy. Take off your pants. Come on, mommy. Take off your shirt." Oh, to be so free and uninhibited!
  • Last night...Jason said "Hey Eli." Eli covered up his face with his hands and said "Eli's gone."
  • One of the things we typically tell pea at bedtime is mommy and daddy will see him in the morning when he wakes up. Last night he woke up around 10:30pm crying and saying "Good morning, mommy. Up, Up, Up. Good morning, daddy."
  • Every morning for the past week or two when pea first wakes up, he talks about the penguin in his closet. (no, there is no penguin in the closet!) He said he likes the penguin and it sleeps in his closet.
I love hearing toddler funnies! What have your little ones done? Leave a comment or write your own post!


Susie said...

Love that pic! What kind of camera do you have? Pea sounds like a hoot of a boy--I'd love to meet him (well, all of you!) someday. I have so many hilarious stories from my two that I can't even think of one to share! Give that pea a big ol' hug from Oklahoma!

Pineapple Princess said...

Awesome picture! I love it!

Little Pea is such a comic! He is hilarious! :)

Donna said...

Ohmygosh - you got me laughing out loud on those! Too funny - I love the "I got nothing, Mommy!" Ijust did a whole post of the crazy stuff Austin and Logan are doing these days!

Bobbi said...

Great idea for a post!! Oh, I love the potty one, and the penguin in his closet. Reese has "bird cages" at the beach. This means dig a hole for me to pour water in. No idea.

He is such a hoot!!!

Becky said...

Well, don't keep us in suspense....did you and Jason take off your clothes and get in the pool too? Great stories. I was laughing just reading them. They have to be hilarious in person.