Wednesday, August 19, 2009

More Funnies


Okay, I had to add onto my last post with a few more funnies!
  • Pea loves to play on our bed and pretend he is sleeping. He often ropes us into the game so he and Jason were playing sleep today. Pea then pointed to Jason's armpit and said "What's that, daddy" Jason said, "That's hair." Pea said "OH!" He then jumped off the bed, ran into the bathroom, and came back with a comb. You know what's coming next...yep, he intended to comb daddy's armpit hair.
  • After dinner tonight I asked pea if he wanted some zucchini blueberry bread. His eyes got really big and he said in a hushed voice "oooooooh!! Oh snap!"
  • Pea has been sporadically calling his daddy "Jason." We were at a festival over the weekend and came running towards his daddy saying, "Hey Jason!" Of course, we quickly correct him, but it is slightly amusing!


Bobbi said...

HA!!!! I love these funnies. He sounds like a true entertainer!

Jess said...

Jadon loves to run around the house saying "JOSH!?!" like I do when I am looking for him. It must be the age.

Those are all too funny! They are in a great stage!

The gFamily said...

Love the water pics! They are so fun and colorful!! Pea is quite the HAM!! It is so great that you are "writing" all these things down! They will be so fun for him to go back and read someday!!

Pam L said...

Oh I love the water spittin' pictures! They're adorable! And yes, toddler humor is absolutely the best!
I have to thank you for an earlier post. I tried your Black Bean Casserole last night for supper. It was YUMMY!!
Thanks so much for giving me something "new" to fix.

Greta Jo said...

LOL. Carson called me GretaJo the other day and I almost fell off the chair laughing.
I love the water photo!
Oh I can not believe how much Pea's feet have grown. Carson is a size 5 1/2 still.... what the heck?

Lund7 said...

Hi! Found your blog through Katelyn's Korner! I added myself as a follower too! Nice to follow blogs with little boys like our Peter. Your son reminds me alot of Peter too. Stop by our blog sometime!

Oh, could I get your recipe for Zuccini Blueberry bread? I have tons of zuccini from my garden and am not sure what to do with all of it!!

Heidi said...

What a crackup! I love that he wanted to comb the armpit hair and that he said, "oh snap". Awesome!