Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Fun in the Snow

We have had a lot of snow this winter! At least it has been sticking around for awhile. And, we have all been suffering from some serious cabin fever. I am ready for spring, how about you?

So, until spring arrives, we enjoyed a little time playing in the snow last weekend. It was finally warm enough to be outside without getting frostbite or windburn and the snow was perfect for snowballs and snowpeople! Pea LOVES being outside regardless of the weather so he had a blast.


He especially enjoyed body slamming the snow. No joke. He literally threw himself on the ground attacking the snow. He is extremely physical and he has definitely taken it to a new level lately! He especially enjoyed sticking his face in the snow. Is there a WWF for toddlers?

Snow angels.
Grrrrrrr....the Abominable snowman!

On top of the world! (or at least on top of frosty's body!)


It was a fun afternoon, but I am not sad to see the snow melting! Come on spring!


Gardenia said...

wow. Little Pea is getting so big and tall. you'll have to change his name to Big Pea. great action shots and I love the snowman. we have not built one this year. i wonder if there's time left before it all melts.

Terri said...

What a great snowman! Little pea is a handsome little dude in his hat!

Kim said...

Eli is looking so tall! WOW! He looks like he was having a great time out in the snow!

Heidi said...

I agree he looks so big! Did he just go through a growth spurt?

Also, good luck with your new agency! I say as long as your gut instinct feels right it is right.

Bobbi said...

Oh, he and Reese would have so much fun!!! That is exactly how Reese was last year. Constant hard contact with a surface. Still enjoys it!!

Eli looks like he is beaming!! And,so grown up. We need to see you again!!!

Melissa G. said...

Fun pictures! What a great snowman!