Saturday, March 13, 2010

Princesses and Firetrucks

Little pea is definitely a rough and tumble boy. He loves all forms of trucks (especially firetrucks!), likes to get dirty, climbs like a monkey, thinks body slamming is funny, and already throws like a little leaguer.

But, my rough and tumble little boy also loooooooves princesses! He frequently asks to watch the Dora princess episodes and begged me to buy him a princess toothbrush last week. "PaLEEEEEESE, mommy! With a cherry on top?!" (whoever taught him that is EVIL!)

So, whenever pea pulls out the blocks, it usually involves building a princess tower. Today's princess tower had a super "cool" garage for the princess's car.

Mr. Cheesy. He is definitely into making a cheese face and immediately saying, "Let me see the picture!"

And, as much as pea enjoys constructing his princess towers, he enjoys destroying them even more. Thank goodness the firetruck was close by to "put out the fire" and clean up after the destruction.


aamayna said...

That is adorable!

Donna said...

Love it! Love that he is in touch with his princess side! Austin loves everything pink!

That is one heck of a set-up - firetrucks, princess rescues, garages! What fun!!

Gardenia said...

so sweet. and BOYISH to smash up the princess tower! yes, those smiles are in our house too -- fake but at lest they look at the camera now.

Kim said...

He sounds like a well balanced little boy! Firetrucks and Princesses! Whatever makes them happy! ;)

Danny and Brittney said...

Kainen still does that cheesy smile. And if girls can play with firetrucks and racecars, boys can play with princesses.

Terri said...

Isaiah also like Princesses. When we put on a disney movie he gets excited about the castle being shown before the movie. I think our trip to Disney World this past summer made him fall in love with all the princesses!

Little Pea's cheese face smiles are so darn cute!

Lynn said...

Awesome! Nothing wrong with a princess. It's good to embrace one's masculine & feminine side. I love envisioning Eli knocking down the blocks. It's one of Nathanael's favorite things to do also.

Deb said...

Aidan has a Dora toothbrush too!!!! He wanted it, I got it. He is happy and I am happy. I agree with what Danny and Brittney said.

next year Aidan will go to school- he will have enough peer pressure trying to influence his choices there, my job is not to limit his choices, but to allow him to find his way.

Love to you,

Bobbi said...

I love a well rounded boy!!! Reese wants to "see it" all the time too!!

Cherry on top.......don't teach that to Reese. He tilts his head, folds his hands together and says, "PLLLEEEEAAAAAAAASSSSSEEE"

Greta Jo said...

A well rounded boy....
Too cute!

Heidi said...

That is so cute he likes princesses! What a well-rounded boy.